Thursday, September 12, 2019

Structured English Immersion in ArizonaSschools Research Paper

Structured English Immersion in ArizonaSschools - Research Paper Example Then SEI has achieved a new status in 1991as a result of advanced studies conducted by David Ramirez and he coined two basic components like teachers maximize instruction in English and teachers use and teach English at a level appropriate to the abilities of the ELL in the class (Clark 2009). As a result of adopting Proposition203 (English Language For Children in Public Schools) in November 2000 Arizona State established English as the official language of Arizona and demanded all public school education in the state be practiced in English. Charlene Rivera, Eric Collum states that; â€Å"ELL students are to be placed in a structured English immersion program for not more than 1 year, at which point they are mainstreamed in to English classrooms† (Rivera & Collum 2006, p.212). The web article The Case for Structured English Immersion gives valuable information about the implementation of SEI Programs in Arizona State. Kevin Clark said that Arizona’s English Language L earner Task Force launched in late 2006. In its initial stage many teachers and academics have confused with ESI programs with submersion. Some of them believed that the implementation of ESI task force in regular classrooms have little or no instructional modification. In spite of the jumble definitions, messages and grass root level emotions, educators and academics in Arizona district have implemented SEI programs in both elementary and secondary level. It is significant for a reader to understand that all materials and instructions in SEI programs are practiced in English since the beginning. Other important characteristics of SEI program is that it calls for direct, active and explicit instructional methods and strategies for SEI... This essay approves that Arizona district have implemented SEI programs in both elementary and secondary level which, the government is planning to propose in other levels. The SEI programs have basically divided the strategies into three components: policy, structure, and classroom practices. These strategies also take into account certain other factors like the size of the school, the location of the school, the grade levels at the school, the number of English language learners and the percentage of English language learners, and so on. This report makes a conclusion that the proposed study leads one to the inference that the implementation of SEI in Arizona schools had a greater impact among the students and the teachers and as such, it exerted a decisive role in uplifting the educational standards of that country. The critical analysis of the research topic unveils the fact that the Structured English Immersion in Arizona schools could influence and attract many students to English language learning. The SEI programs are well structured and it can certainly make the students aware of the systematic study of English language. The program has been designed for the students of the school and secondary levels to help them improving their language skills; specifically focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening. The classes are scheduled for one year, four hours per day with the support of a well structured lesson plan and materials. The students are grouped by considering their ability in language use.

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