Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Annotated bibliographies for 3 journal articles Bibliography

Bibliographies for 3 journal articles - Annotated Bibliography Example Annotated bibliographies for 3 journal articles It is time that we take a look at some of the old social issues that still continue to plague us, in a completely new perspective, in order to solve the problem once and for all. This article by Castle gives us an insight into the world of ‘forced migration’ and the effects that it may have had on the social changes that we see around us today. Forced migration may arise from displacements owing to ongoing wars, environmental disasters, ‘failed states’, or, even from ‘developmental projects’, which causes displacement of many people (mainly the poor and ethnic people), and illegal trafficking of men for bonded labour, and women and child for sex exploitation. Such forced migration which had seen an upward surge after the end of the Cold War, has remarkably changed the social demographics of many countries (in the northern hemisphere) in the twentieth century. A large number of immigrating crowds have led to a complete change in the sociological conditions in those host countries. The author in the article explores the main reasons behind these sudden immigrations, which has causes such huge changes in the social demograp hics, in the northern part of the world. The article does a close review of the topic of social transformation that we are seeing today in this globalised world, and links it to the issue of forced migration, which had showed a sudden spurt after the end of Cold War in 1991, with the breakdown of the then USSR, resulting in the supreme reign of USA as the world power.

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