Friday, September 27, 2019

Anti-Social Behaviour Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Anti-Social Behaviour - Literature review Example Furthermore, there have been reports of increased problems and incidences associated with anti-social behaviour which has risen substantially over the years. It is on account of this reason that there has been a sea change in the management of housing and accommodation, with the result that the residents are now increasingly demanding a better say in the decisions especially in the areas which have a direct and/or indirect impact on their way of lives and are now demanding greater representation and participation in the local authority’s decision making process. Their overall expectations with regard to public safety have also increased greatly due to the perceived threats to their quality of life, on account of increased incidences of anti-social behaviour. The changes in the external environment has further led to a sea change in the management practices adopted and implemented by the local authorities and other public sector departments involved in provision of services within housing and accommodation sector. There have been various policies implemented at the national, state as well as local levels to ensure public safety in residential areas, thus indicating wide spread reforms brought about by the administration to enable the local, state as well as national authorities and governing bodies to combat and address the challenges posed by the rapidly changing dynamic external environment. Although there is no clear and concise definition of the term, it has been generally defined similarly by various researchers. For the purpose of this study the term anti-social behaviour is described as follows: The term anti-social behaviour has recently assumed great significance, particularly within the management of public housing and activities associated with the same. It is now increasingly being taken into consideration while framing policies and to categorically differentiate between crimes and social disorders of civil and/or

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