Friday, September 13, 2019

Mapping the Route Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mapping the Route - Essay Example It can be hard to leave what you are familiar with, and I really admire the owners of the supermarket and knew that they would not be happy to see me go, however it was time to decide on my own. I set a goal of satisfactorily completing a single semester at a local college, just to measure if I could manage it, and much to my surprise I not only finished the semester, I got a credit as well. I got a lot of courage in in this accomplishment, and it actually was not easy, however it afforded me the courage I needed to set life time goals. I realized that I was very good at sciences and how the human body functions. I am now near to complete my diploma in clinical Sciences, having maintained my position as the top student the entire period, and I finally understand that I am being a good model to my son that I always imagined when I was restocking the shelves at the supermarket. I am now planning to take my skills to the next level by pursuing a degree in clinical medicine at University. It is my goal after completing to become a medical officer serving lower income and marginalized communities. I am a naturally a kind person, and due to my lower socio-economic upbringing and life experience, I can relate easily to individuals who may not be willing to go to doctors whom they think as different from them, however whose services they require. I can assist to fill that gap, and thereby encourage more individuals to really get help that they need in a suitable environment. My zeal to my education is sound and I know that, if given the opportunity, I will be able to pass well, and graduate with the education and experience I will require to develop my career as a medical practitioner. I am much relieved and happy to know that I have realized by dream career, and I am ready to start this next level of my education. Obviously the next two years will not be easy- requiring schedules and time management skills – however I

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