Saturday, September 7, 2019

Knowledge Management in Supply Chain Management Essay

Knowledge Management in Supply Chain Management - Essay Example The research provided efficient solutions to the problems and including the integrating system and providing effective IT solutions in the supply chain management. It also provided some recommendations to the major problems of KM in the company. The implementation plan revealed the type of knowledge and resource required in the KM project. The conclusion provided a summary in brief the main discussion on the topic under study. Knowledge Management in Supply Chain Management in Dell Company Introduction Knowledge management has become an emerging key issue in many organizations. Dell Company, which is an American conglomerate computer technology, is among the industries that incorporate knowledge management in the supply chain management process. The corporation has more than 103,300 workers worldwide, and it is among the leading technology industries. The company engages in design, development, manufacturing and marketing or distributing of diverse computer services globally. The emp loy corporate responsibility and business model of culture, compliance and credibility in order to achieve effective performance. Increased technology advancement has forced many organizations to employ effective methods; thus, use of knowledge management in many organizations has become the significant aspect. Knowledge management (KM) is a strategic tool or framework employed  to design, represent and distribute as well as enable adoption of experiences in business process. KM in supply management has become the leading area of concern and managerial challenges. For instance, the supply chain management has become one of the key areas that utilize knowledge management in order to achieve a competitive advantage. KM is increasing as a significant business asset in the supply chain management. However, Dell Company face varied challenges of incorporating knowledge management in the supply chain management process. Dell’s operates its business across the product line includi ng desktop computers, network services, computer notebooks and storage products. The company owner, Michael Dell established the business based on the sidestepping dealer concept. The company started selling  personal computer products straight to clients; thus evading the issue of delay and outlays of supply chain issues. Better financial performance contributed to its successful implementation of using direct sales model. However, despite the recent industrial growth, the company faces varied challenges. The foremost problem is increased technology changes; thus holding inventories an immense liability. Therefore, the organization employs knowledge management in supply management in order to design, manufacture, market and delivers computer products effectively across the globe. The company manages KM through aligning the organizational strategies and employs logistics as well as provides IT solutions effective for managing knowledge. Problem Identification and Analysis Increase d technology changes have become the main concerning the issue in the company’s supply chain management. Technology changes are significant because it enables the company to design or employ new business strategies that can enable them improve business performance (Dwivedi and Butcher (2009, p.123). Dell Company  is among

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