Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Proposal - Essay Example This study therefore intends to study the factors that serve as barriers to communication between the universities in the developing countries, which ultimately adversely affects knowledge and information publications from such institutions. The study will rely on qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the factors in order to establish the level to which the specific factors serve as hindrances to effective communication between the universities in the developing countries. Besides studying the particular factors that negatively affect the communication processes between the universities in third world countries, this study focuses at proposing possible recommendations that would be effective in addressing the challenges and the accompanying effects. Background literature Inaccessibility or difficulties in sharing and accessing research information in developing countries have had great attention in the past and it is widely accepted that universities in such countries have poor frameworks to enhance the sharing of information, which is a critical factor to consider in education development (Torero and Braun, 1-4). Burnett argues that despite the many problems that developing countries such as many of African countries face are continued problems in sanitation, poverty, high illiteracy levels as well as limited opportunities of education among others. However, through a qualitative study, he reasons that the most efficient way to address such problems as they face the countries is not through donor aid but rather through educational empowerment of such countries. He points out that the long-term effect of enabling easy flow of information as well as knowledge in the institutions of learning is creation of empowered workforce through education and skills, which would be useful in shaping the course of the nations. The sharing of knowledge and information between the developing countries enable them to find appropriate solutions to their own problems. This is therefore the importance of enhancing information sharing especially within the research institutions such as the universities. The study affirms that many of the third world countries are gradually acknowledging the importance of development of formal cannels for sharing information especially concerning higher education information (Burnett, 1-10). A report by Hennessy and team presents the comprehensive findings from literature review by Aga Khan University and other institutions in East Africa confirms the importance of ICT in the entire system of education with special attention to higher education. Among other findings from the literature reviewed was that incorporation of ICT in education institutions would facilitate aids I establishing e-learning resources, which in actual sense would ease the mechanism of sharing of information from one institution to another. ICT is a critical instrument that has been exploited by developed countries to enhance sharing of information as well as the e-learning resources and as such has been proven effective concerning the exchange of information

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