Sunday, October 6, 2019

Development Strategy of Dupont International Management Essay

Development Strategy of Dupont International Management - Essay Example Its various trademarks are found in many consumers as well as industrial products so that DuPont per se has become or has been related to household products: carpets, upholstery, containers, construction and other items used in the daily basis. Already, words like durability and quality are attached to the brand name or trademark. But it does not only take quality products to make a name such as DuPont. As acknowledged in their website, DuPont has employed innovation in most aspects of its global operations emphasizing several areas such as: competing globally; sharpening its business focus; increasing productivity; committing to safety, health, and environmental excellence; empowering people, capitalizing on its strong corporate and product brand franchises; and continuing to extend its significant science and technological achievement. Already, focus on core competencies was acknowledged where DuPont build competitive business advantage such as a 1993 transaction that disposed of D uPont’s acrylic business while acquiring ICI’s nylon business. Cost-reduction and improving productivity were also cited as DuPont’s strategic moves in the 1990s when most companies either are emerging or closing down, allowing flexibility for competitive pricing and growing market share and earning. The 90s also saw vigorous expansion overseas with new plants in Spain, Singapore, Taiwan and China coupled with a major technical server in Japan, a move that even critics could easily detect not only as competitive but innovative.

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