Friday, October 18, 2019

Physical Theatre Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Physical Theatre Journal - Essay Example Examining the relationship of the theatre to different parts of the performance can create a different understanding of how the expressions in physical theatre established. In traditional theatre, the main component is to use dialogue and monologue to express different ideologies. This tradition is able to express different components and brings out the main identity within the theatre. In physical theatre, the words are secondary to the actions and physical expressions that are taken. The words are only used to support the actions that are taken and to exemplify the identity which is taken through the physical movements. For the physical theatre to work effectively, one has to understand the qualities of words through physical movement, as opposed to the expected description of the word. For instance, if one wants to express the idea of wisdom, then the physical movements will need to show this and place metaphors and similes that are expressed through the body. The text then becomes a supporting role that allows actors and actresses to interpret a given idea and form (Callery, 2001). The text that is associated with the physical aspects is one which makes the writer redundant in the creation of ensemble work. Since the work is only used to define the physical aspects, the writer no longer holds the same place within the establishment of the work. The main component which establishes this is the combination of intertextuality and intratextuality. The intertextuality comes from the writer and is used only as a guideline to establish the main work which is occurring. The intratext is how this is established within a given environment. According to Robin Arthur, director of physical theatre, the entertainment was one which allowed the text to be used and re-used. The single line of text, when going into the

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