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In which way do pressure groups help and hinder the democratic process Essay

In which way do pressure groups help and hinder the democratic process - Essay Example In other words, it can be stated that the pressure groups are referred as a structured group of individuals which intend to create an influence on the guiding principles as well as acts of the government. The pressure groups are known to entail three basic and chief characteristics. These groups look for creating a degree of manipulation externally in comparison to implementing or winning the aspect of government authority. The pressure groups tend to stay away from making any kind of policy decisions, instead they make attempts to manipulate those individuals who are supposed to be engaged with such kind of activities for example the policy-makers. In the context of the given explanation, it could be understood that these groups are known to be external with regard to the government. The pressure groups are also observed to characteristically entail a constricted issue focus. In few of the instances or rather occurrences the pressure groups can be found to place their focal point on a sole issue such as displaying resistance against an intended road development. The members forming a part of the pressure groups are observed to be brought together by either a common notion with regard to a specific reason or even by a general form of interests. Individuals with diverse ideological as well as party inclinations might thus carry out certain activities in unison as associates of the similar pressure group. Thesis Statement The paper will intend to provide an insight into the idea of pressure groups and their functions. The paper would further attempt to explain the several ways and the functions through which these groups are known to facilitate as well as hamper the democratic process of a particular country. The Idea of Pressure Groups For few individuals, the pressure groups are considered to be an elementary part with regard to the aspect of democracy. For others, the pressure groups are believed to weaken the overall underlying principle in relation to democr acy. Democracy is referred as that particular structure of government in case of which the decisions are taken by considering the majoritarian opinions accompanied with delegates who are found to be elected at intermittent elections. The episodic elections are known to involve the aspects of political autonomy as well as equality for facilitating the voters to demonstrate or express their effectual preference between the contending candidates secretly in a ballot (Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2012). With regard to the democracy structure identified in the pluralist theory, the pressure groups are believed to play an imperative part. The political parties are regarded to lack the ability to provide enough or the required degree of depiction in case of a complete array of varied opinions as well as interests with regard to a contemporary form of democracy. It is owing to the reason that the chief task of the political parties has been identified to amass the interests towards a ratio nal political entity who is considered to be competent enough of leading the nation. The pressure groups also facilitate certain interests as well as reasons to be addressed and also to make use of influence with regard to the aspect of public decision as well as decision-making. However, the pressure grou

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