Thursday, August 29, 2019

Woody Case Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Woody Case - Research Paper Example They will also put in place measures on how they install the new semi-automatic production training. This will include install ling air conditioning machines, using dust free paint and making room for extra compressor. Then, the team will proceed and assemble the material they need to actualize the designs. Here, they we buy the paint, air conditioners, cement, ballast, and additional equipments to meet the construction. In case, of shortage of manpower, they will hire more workers. These acquisitions will be passed by the management team of Woody 2000. Work breakdown structure From here the actual work will commence the team will put the design into action. Most of the work will be construction of the floor and the walls. Then there will be installation of the air conditioners. The work will be divided into phases depending on the agency and the chronological order. Construction work will be divided in phase one, two and three. Phase one will be broad, covering all issues of the plan two will be a breakdown of phase one, the secondary works of construction. Finally, phase three will involve finishing. Phase one will include floor construction, wall construction and roof construction. Phase two will be selecting and fixings the finishes that are roofing materials, windows frames and windows, doors, screens, exterior wall finishes and interior wall and ceiling cladding. Finally, phase three will be installation of the air conditioners, compressor and electricity. This is a horizontal bar chart that gives a graphical schedule that helps to coordinate, plan and track tasks in a project. The team will come up with this chart to help them to be able to stick to the tasks at hand. In the horizontal axis, they will indicate the time and the vertical axis will be the activity for the day. In this case, the team will have a maximum of eighteen months to complete the expansion. The team will be

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