Wednesday, August 28, 2019

ACME Inc. DRAFT Report Pt. 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

ACME Inc. DRAFT Report Pt. 2 - Assignment Example This makes it hard for the attackers defacing or reading the data. Also, personal firewall must be installed on computers in a network. The antivirus must be updated with the latest malicious code definition or virus signature. When using the internet facilities in public, online transactions must be avoided at all costs. The intrusion prevention system must be installed on organizational networks in order to enhance detection and prevention of further attacks from eavesdroppers. All internet services must be used with the mutual authentication like the public key infrastructure (PKI). This enhances the authentication of the transactions by the server reducing the man-in-the-middle attacks (Michael, 2012). Port redirection is potentially risky as many people skip over the details while creating the FTP replacement system. The risks can be mitigated through creation and communication of policy against creation of tunnels or remote access within the organization. There should be an emphasis of encryption or tunnelling technologies outside the official remote access programs and the VPN toolsets. The consequences of creating private VPN into the organization must be stated clearly. The default accesses must be tightened to identify any malicious act involving the configuration so as to evade the policies and deceive the organization. The review process must be created so as to approve the SSH access to the key devices o internet. SSH may be run on various ports or tunneled into HTTP, with the precedent being set to prevent the default outboard SSH. High-level inspection tools must be installed to enhance detection of the tunnel traffic. Also, the WAN and firewall router logs must be inspected to establish the long-term and persistent connections (Trompeter & Eloff, 2001). Smurf attacks involve the attacker sending moderate traffic quantity that causes the virtual explosion of traffic

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