Sunday, August 25, 2019

Food Handling and Unethical Business Practices Coursework

Food Handling and Unethical Business Practices - Coursework Example Inspection is, therefore, from time to time to ensure adherence to the food handling regulations by the EHPs. Inspection ought to be conducted to ensure that there are no contraventions of the Food Safety Act 1990, as well as the Food Safety Regulations. Another goal of carrying out inspection is to advise food handlers on how contraventions can be corrected. Furthermore, inspection ensures identification of potential risks, an indication of the action that is needed in the event of serious risks. In addition, inspection seeks to issue the enforcement notice of the food regulations (Lund & Hunter 2008: 329). EHPs mainly do investigations so as to make decisions on what actions to take on business operators in the food industry who contravene the set regulations. For instance, if the action is to issue a notice, they must decide what should be included in the notice specification. The EHPs are given a lot of investigative powers, which fall under a broad range of statutory provisions. An excellent example is the Health and Safety at Work, under section 20, relating to powers of inspectors (Stephen 2013: 280). An EHP inspector possesses the power to enter any premises at any time to carry out the relevant statutory provisions. The officer may as well take a police officer with him where he fears obstructions. The EHP also has powers to take any equipment from the visited premises in line with carrying out the statutory provisions. The EHP has the power to take photographs and measurements while on a mission. The EHP also has powers to question any person believed to give relevant information regarding the investigations (Stephen 2013: 281). In carrying out the inspection process, the EHPs are concerned about the temperature control, to ascertain whether the food is left at the right temperature. The inspector also ensures that the food handling facility has enough refrigerators and deep freezers, all set at the correct temperature.  

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