Saturday, August 24, 2019

The hunger game (movie) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The hunger game (movie) - Essay Example Here are some of the vivid concepts integrated into the movie film. The first includes social acceptance of engaging youth and minors into actual life battles that at some point may also cause their lives. However, this portrayal is not limited to what is happening in the imaginary society of Panem. In the actual world, life’s battle may not be a form of entertainment, but it is a reality for some people, most particularly to the victims and culprits of some relevant crimes. Consider for instance the contemporary war against child prostitution or human trafficking across the world. This is a reality that is placing the future of some minors in jeopardy. It may even distort their normal view of life in a not so distant future. This point may show that the actual child prostitution may not physically kill minors or children at certain level, but the actual idea involved in it is that it includes killing some important aspects in their individual lives. Trading children for sex i s simply considered illegal in contemporary time because of the associated international law that would stand against it to cut its detrimental perpetuation. The unethical implications associated with it is therefore remarkable because of the moral standard set by the government to be integrated in the actual law for ensuring the safety and protection of minors or children. However, despite this government control to protect the welfare of the child as citizen, the ongoing crimes associated with sexual exploitation including minors as primary subjects persist, and even the relevant number of incidence is moving to an upward spiral. Latest statistics reveals more minors are currently involved in sex trade and pornographic activities based on increase hotline calls of victims (National Human Trafficking Resource Center 5). The existence of media and internet increases or motivates the speed of online pornography involving minors. Thus, the televised fight-to-the-death featured in â₠¬Å"The Hunger Games† for instance is a relevant depiction of the actual struggles of some minors particularly those who might have active involvement in online pornography or other related illegal activities. Just as the subjects of televised fight-to-the-death in Panem may have lost their freedom to take hold of preserving their lives, these minors involved in some online or media-related crimes are actually experiencing the same level of struggle to fight for their right to live with a high quality of life founded by safety and protection against exploitations as promised by the government for its people, including the young citizens. Here is another point. The movie may also showcase a hidden message concerning the level of vulnerability of the adult population to provide weak direction for the welfare of the young people while exposing them to the peril of violence that we normally found reported with utmost controversy on the media. Like the nation of Panem that vividly s ees the actual violence through a televised-fight-to-the-death Hunger Games, the world today has never been so blind seeing and hearing the actual crimes committed by minors and young people alike through controversial news coverage in the media. Just let us take for instance the latest case we heard from the media concerning minors molesting another minor (The New York Times). The media informed us of the actual violen

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