Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Importance of Third Parties essays

Importance of Third Parties essays Though the candidates of the third party have little to no chance of winning a presidential election, they are of great importance when it comes to which of the standard two parties, Democratic and Republican, will win the election. Several factors come into place for a third party to influence an election, such as: popularity of candidate, stance on issues, strong division between Democratic and Republican candidates, economy, and even war. The candidates of a third party run based on their belief of issues, not on chances of winning. These men, and possibly women, run for presidency as to express their beliefs and voice their opinions to the American people. The issues of several third parties have been introduced into not only our political but also our social lives. There are several examples of this prominent in our countrys history. The most dominant of these issues is womens suffrage. Beginning in the 1800s, both the Prohibition and the Socialist Parties began a push toward not only the right of women to vote but also the equality of women. Womens suffrage, later adopted by both the Republicans and the Democrats, has now been established due to the 19th Amendment. The Income Tax is also a direct result of the issues of the Populist and Socialist Parties. Beginning in the 1890s both parties began the pursuit of a progressive taxation, which would eventually be established, with the ratification of the 16th Amendment. Several other key issues include social security, immigration restriction, and even child labor laws. With such important influences on American society, it is easy to distinguish that the third party is vital to the American culture without even looking at their importance within the electoral process. Over much of American history, especially more modern history, elections have exhibited the use of the two-party system. A two-party system is one in which only two parties hav...

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